Are Hair and Beauty Services One and the Same?

Hair TreatmentsWith such an extensive range of therapies and treatments to choose from, men and women of all ages are spoilt for choice when it comes to receiving beauty services from a local salon in Sydney. There are three types of facilities that offer treatments relating to physical aesthetics and general well-being – and they are beauty salons, day spas and hair centres.

Although similar in nature, the services offered by each type of centre will be different, but just how varied are they?

Beauty salons

These facilities typically focus on treatments relating to skin, nails and specific parts of the body. From facials and chemical peels all the way to manicures and pedicures, these centres are ideal for those in need of quick treatments, or people that don’t have the budget to enjoy more extensive services.

Day spas

And this is where those extensive services typically take place – within day spa facilities that can cater to lengthy therapies and prolonged services. Massages are common, as are acupuncture treatments, hydrotherapies and everything in between. They can be a little more expensive when compared to regular salons, but many people consider them a worthy investment for a day trip, or even a special event.

Hair salons

As their name might suggest, these centres are tailored to hair treatments including cutting, colouring and styling. It’s not common to find hair salons offering the same services as a beauty centre, but there are those that work to merge the two. There aren’t many treatments relating to hair that can’t be enjoyed at one of these facilities – and with the affordable prices offered by many, bookings can sometimes need to be made several weeks in advance; unless you are able to find a more remote service.

With the broad variety of options available at these facilities, it’s no wonder why so many people turn to them for weekly aesthetic treatments, or to prepare for an upcoming event.